Cinelli We Bike Harder T-Shirt


Cinelli We Bike Harder T-Shirt


Wear the brand we all love!

Cinelli is unique - it has a powerful artistic passion and the more visionary approach of Antonio Colombo. 

He has helped transform the way people view the bicycle - rather than changing the bicycle itself, he has made the bicycle a total project within itself.

Cinelli has always treated design by how it defines shape, technology, technique, materials, innovation, creativeness, function, uniqueness, know-how and above all emotion. 

Every product has a defining idea - if it can be copied, it cannot be Cinelli. 

Because the bicycle is something which evolves constantly, it is an infinite project and beyond that, because it is a synthesis of Cinelli's dreams and visions, it is what defines the very soul of their business.

  • Made from 100% cotton.
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