PDW Takeout Basket

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PDW Takeout Basket


The takeout basket makes a handsome addition to any road or city bike. Take a trip to the corner store and secure a six pack of bottles in the roll top bag, or keep a food stash and extra layer of clothing handy for a day long gravel road ramble or a night on the town.

The takeout also features an eyelet for attaching light brackets and a spot to drop your u-lock.

We just love it!

Conveniently carry a six pack of bottles, five burritos, three chinchillas or an extra layer of clothing
Fits 25.4-31.8mm handlebars (even fits between drop bars)
Waterproof roll top bag clips securely into basket
Eyelet for attaching light mount
Integrated u-lock carrying slot
Rugged light weight 10 mm alloy tubes
Rack weight w/o bag 500 grams
Inside of basket: 155mm x 255mm x 105mm

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