Summer’s here. . . . let’s ride !! 

While cycling is unquestionably the best possible means of urban mobility what ever the weather and what ever the season let’s be honest there is something uniquely wonderful about summer cycling. Whether it’s riding to work at 5:30am or taking a the long route home summer riding rocks!

To keep riding through this wonderful season our team are on hand to show your bike all the love it needs. So whether it’s upgrading to puncture resistant tyres or a full service call in and we’ll do everything we can to help keep you riding.

Book in for a summer service and we'll refresh your bike with a whole new set of cables inner and outer, gear and brake, replace your brake blocks, lubricate throughout, balance your brakes, correct your tyre pressure and get your bike ready for some serious fun. 

While your bike is here we’ll also check your chain wear and carefully examine your tyres making sure you are safe and sound.

96% of Summer Services are completed on the same day.

Remember you can drop off as early as 8am collecting as late as 4pm and if you take on onward train from University to New Street we'll deduct the price of your train ticket from your bill.  

A full Summer Service costs as little as just £55.

Say goodbye to sloppy gears, grinding chains, squeeling brakes and a difficult  heavy ride. 

Say hello to gears that respond as you want them to when you need them to. Say hello to a bike that stops when you need it to and a ride which has you smiling all from ear to ear. 

Once our technicians have worked their magic your bike will feel like new and once more be a joy to ride. 

What ever you ride. 

Where ever you ride. 

We're here to help keep you riding. 

We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Summer Service £55

The easiest way to mitigate against the risk of punctures (every commuters headache) is a decent pair of puncture resistant tyres. We highly recommend Continental Contact Plus for hybrid bikes and Schwalbe Durano Plus for road bikes. Both are £35 including FREE FITTING and a FREE INNER TUBE.

Bronze Service £15

43 Point Health Check 

Frame and Forks Inspectioon

Correct Tyre Pressure

Drive Chain Lubrication

Reindex and Alignment

Silver Service £55

Bronze +

Replacement Inner and Outer Brake Cables

Replacement Inner and Outer Gear Cables

Replacment Brake Blocks

Brake Balancing

Headset Check and Lubrication

Deep Clean £25

Wheels removed and a full deep clean and relubrication including drive chain. Use of specialist bike cleaning products. 

Chain and Cassette Replacement from £45


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Bike Repairs

Whether it's a simple puncture or a complex bottom bracket repair we're comitted to keeping you moving on the bike you love. Our mechanics are all Cytech trained and approved and offer you a priceless combination of expert knowledge and practical skill. Note that while we stock a significant range of parts, unlike our competitors our prices listed include the most basic range of parts fitted so there's no nasty surprises but plenty of room for choice should you wish to upgrade. 

We're able to work on any bike and no job is too great or too small. Remember, we're here to keep you moving. 

Puncture Repair from £7.99

We'll replace your inner tube, check your tyres for damage and inflate to the correct pressure all within just a few minutes. 

Brake Block Replacement from £5.00

Keep your ride sharp and safe with a speedy change of brake blocks... yes they do wear out! 

Tyre Replacement from £14.99

Keep an eye on your tyres - they're what grips you to the road! We're happy to talk you through your options of budget, mid range and high end tyres in every size. Once you've made your choice we'll fit and you'll be on your way in just a few minutes. 

Brake Cable Replacement £9.99

Frayed ends or far too much play when pulling your brakes probably suggests you'd gain from a replacement of inner and outer cables. 

Bottom Bracket Replacement from £24.99

It's a nightmare when it happens but doesn't need to be the end of the world. 

Bar Tape Replacements £19.99

Not only does new bar tape make the world of difference to your bike's aesthetics it also eradicates the huge amount of bacteria trapped in your old bar tape (it really doesn't bear thinkng about!) reducing the rate of repeated infections as you transfer that bacteria back into your system. Regular users should look to replace your bar tape annually.  

Chain Replacement from £14.99 

If you're struggling to select the correct gear or find your bike jumping gears unprompted the odds are you need a chain replacement. 

Cassette/Freewheel Replacement from £14.99

Over thousands of revolutions your cassette/freewheel will get some serious stick from your chain. Wear and tear is inevitable. So if you're seriously slipping through your gears let's sort you a replacement from our huge range. 

Gear Cable Replacement £14.99 

Cables stretch. It's just a fact of life but the results can be very frustrating as you struggle to select the correct gear when you need it most. 

Crank Set Replacement from £24.99

If you ride a budget bike your crank may have broken if you ride a nicer bike you may want to upgrade, either way we're here to help. 

Head Set Service £14.99

Bearings replaced, everything cleaned and lubricated, head set reassembled and correctly aligned.