You have a number of staff/tenants needing to travel short distances either within their professional capacity (site visits) or to and from work. Such persons neither own nor have access to a bicycle and thus revert to high carbon modes of mobility which reduce productivity, damage the environment and  leave yur best assets stuck in hours of traffic. 


Encourage your people to purchase their own bike if so desired. 


For a number of complex and valid reasons it may be either impossible or inappropriate for individuals to purchase their own bicycle. 

Were every individual concerned to follow traditional guidance and purchase a bike most facilities would be unable to offer suitable storage facilities and thus have exchanged one problem for another. 


Pool bikes. 

A small number of bikes available to a wide audience for occasional use. Where your people need them, when your people need them. 


We'll meet with you to identify branding reflective of your company's needs and aspirations. Each bike will then be fitted with appropriate decals affirming your brands values to the wider public. 

We'll provide maintenance for each of the bikes including cleaning and repairs making this a hassle free option. 

Whether its 2 bikes or 52 bikes we're able to assess your real estate and offer you a variety of storage options reflective of your needs and aspirations. 


Our unique partnership with both Elephant Bikes and World Bicycle relief means that for every bike you purchase we'll send one direct to a school in Malawi enabling some of the world's poorest children to travel to and from school by bike.

We'll provide you with a regular update on the impact our partnership has enabled. 


Concerned about security or risk? We'll work with you to mitigate against such threats through the provision of safety wear, lights, locks and digital tracking devices. 

Still not sure everything above meets your needs? Talk to us.

We've built a successful enterprise on a simple and relentless commitment to supporting our clients needs above and beyond any established business model.