Summer is upon us and that can only mean one thing: Big Bike Day's are back! Each Big Bike Day offers you the end user opportunity to access FREE servicing, additional repairs, advice and support right where you are. We'll be working alongside JQBID, Birmingham's iconic The CUBE and The Custard Factory. 

Whether you ride 100 miles a day or are just about to drag your bike from the deep dark recess of your shed these events are for you! 


Location: Golden Square

Date(s): 23rd June

Time: 8am - 6pm


Location: The Cube B1 1RN

Date(s): 10th May

Time: 8am - 6pm

Custard Factory

Location: Golden Square

Date(s): 9th May

Time: 8am - 6pm



Q: Can I literally just turn up on the advertised dates?

A: Yes absolutely! We'll assess your bike, offer you a free service and talk you through how best to look after your bike. 

Q: Can I book in? 

A: Great question. We've always ran a first come first serve model and so far that's worked really well. While you can't book in we do encourage you to come along as early as possible. 

Q: What if my bike needs more than a service?

A: Our team of technicians are highly experienced and well resourced. If your bike requires a repair which may or may not include a new part we'll simply quote you for the cost of that work. Once you confirm we'll go ahead with the repair but if you choose to save it for another day that's absolutely fine by us. 

Q: I just need some advice can I come along?

A: Yes, yes, yes and yes! We'd love to hear your questions and will do the best to offer any advice we can. We ride every day and we're here to help you ride more. If a freindly chat would help great! Let's do it! 

Q: You mention a 'FREE service' what does that include? 

A: Another great question. First things first. We'll put your bike on a stand and give it a full 43 point inspection. This means we take careful note of the bikes working parts advising you on anything which requires correction. We'll inflate your tyres to the correct pressure checking them as we go. We'll lubricate all pivot points including your chain.  If your brake blocks or cables need replacing we'll do that too. Finally we'll check your gears are indexed correctly and everything is balanced as it should be. 

Q: I came last year, can I come back again? 

A: Hell yeah!!! We can't wait to hear your stories!  

Q: Sounds amazing

A: Yep we thought so too!