Great News!! 

Our next corporate Bike Day is on the 19th June. We're proud to be partners of Ernst Young and will be based at Colmore Square for the whole day. If you're interested in hosting your own Bike Day why not call over and see what we do.

Corporate Bike Day

As the cycling revolution gathers pace more and more companies are realising the huge benefits which derive from an increased number of employees cycling to and from work; yet for many the gap between being a 'not yet cyclist' or 'occasional cyclists' and a 'regular cycling commuter' remains an enormous gulf. That's why we created Bike Day. 

Hosting a Bike Day offers your company the opportunity to both encourage existing cyclists and stimulate a change in the commuting behaviour of other employees; giving a feel good factor to the entire working environment. Below are a list of those services which make up a typical Bike Day. The list is by no means exhaustive and aims only to offer an indication of what is on offer. Prior to the delivery of any Bike Day one of our team would meet with representatives from your company to discuss your particular aspirations and identify the appropriate ingredients for your Bike Day.   

Bike Day at Brindley Place during Bike Week 2013

Bike Day at Brindley Place during Bike Week 2013

Servicing and Repairs

If there's one thing cyclists hate it's spending valuable family time trapsing round bike shops in pursuit of a value for money service. Offering free servicing and repairs is a real encouragement to those of your workforce who already do the right thing. 

Try Bike

With our wide range of bikes employees are welcome to try everything from a lazy day cruiser to a high end road bike and a power assisted folding bike all without the pressure of an often intense sales environment. This is purely about having a go and enjoying the wonder of cycling. 

Lunch Time Led Rides

For those 'not yet cyclists' willing to let their hair down and have a go a lunch time led ride is the perfect ingredient of any bike day. In groups of no more than 8 people we'll go for a liesurely 45 mnute ride within a safe and controlled environment. Bikes, helmets and high vis vests are all provided by Urban Cycles. 

Advice, Support and Literature

Whether it's just a friendly word of encouragement or a little route planning with a city cycle map our team will be on hand to offer shed loads of wisdom and encouragement.