Workplace Partnership Program: 7 Reasons To Get Involved

1: It Solves A Real Problem

Bikes wear out, taking worn out bikes to the local service shop takes time, time is what too many of us don’t have. Providing on site servicing focus’s your team’s down time on the things that enrich life. They’ll thank you for it! 

2: It Adds Value To Your Business

Ok, so I admit this one sounds like a bold claim but the facts are beyond question. Cycling to work is regular exercise. Regular exercise does improve productivity. Regular exercise does reduce sick leave. Sick leave does cots business billions. Remove the barrier of perceived disaster; ‘What if it all goes wrong?’ and add the incentive of ‘As your employer we look after you and your bike’ and you’ve just boosted your bottom line. 

3: You’ll Improve Staff Retention

If you run any kind of business you understand that your in the business of talent. Retaining good people and maximising their abilities is your number one task. Aligning the whole organisation behind that objective is your number two task. 

With an increased number of professionals and creatives choosing cycling as their preferred mode of mobility (3 years before bikes outnumber cars in London), looking after the bikes they love and rely on is a gesture of value and adds to talent retention. 

4: You’ll Improve Punctuality

The one thing congestion has little impact on is the traveling time of those who go by bike. Inspiring and enabling (see above) more people to travel by bike reduces the risk of your team spending hours in unavoidable congestion with increased stress levels and decreased well being. 

5: You'll Make The Commute Count

For most people the commute is literally dead time with zero productivity. For those who are inspired to travel by bike it’s an investment in their well being, their productivity and their over all contribution to your business. 

6: It’s an Investment In Team

Huddled round the water fountain comparing notes on Saturday’s Sportive while making sure they’ve all entered next Saturday’s ride is an image of team; it’s also an image popular at our partner locations. 

7: Excellence Is Your Business And Ours

If there’s a feeling you wish you could impart to your team the feeling of experiencing more than they knew they could achieve would probably be high on the list. Success creates a thirst for more success. Removing obstacles to success is the name of the game. All of which is kind of funny because the ride home on a freshly serviced bike is often the first time in months with no drag, gears that work like they should and speeds you’d forgotten you could achieve aka unexpected excellence! 

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