12 Myths About Cycling and Cyclists and Their More Likely Truths

Ever had one of those moments when you’ve inadvertently overheard someone describing your love of cycling; except that every part of their description was as far from your reality as it is possible to get? Yep us too! 

So here’s our guide to the top 12 myths and their more likely antidote. Be warned the antidote is rarely as exciting as the myth suggests. 

Myth: We feel compelled to cycle out of moral duty. 

More likely: We enjoy it. 


Myth: We’re all hyperactive beings. 

More likely: We’re way too lazy for the alternatives. The stress and energy it must take to sit in jam after jam endlessly searching for parking spaces really isn’t our bag. 


Myth: We’re hooked on expensive cycling kit.

More likely: We’re tight. Way too tight for gym fees. 


Myth: We like life to be difficult.

More likely: Walking between a far off car park to final destination would drive us mad. 


Myth: We can’t afford the alternatives.

More Likely: We’ve tried the bus but it felt like a strange social experiment. There are infinitely better things to spend money on than car finance. 


Myth: It’s all about the social scene, men in lycra comparing notes. 

More Likely: Just like all other human beings we’re as likely to be good company as bad. We often like our own space and are grateful that time in the saddle gives us this in abundance. 


Myth: It’s all about relentless focus and constant pursuit.

More likely: While some ride for the challenge many of us are hopelessly distractible beings racing from one stress to the next, riding our bikes is like a total mental escape. 


Myth: That social thing again

More likely: “Sorry I missed your call”. It is socially acceptable to be out of communication while riding your bike. That is a very good thing. 


Myth: Hyperactive steroid fueled ADHD beings. 

More Likely: We love sleep, seriously love it! We’re passionate defenders of the right to a good deep sleep. If we don’t ride then our sleep quality is eroded. 


Myth: We’re drop outs struggling to conform. 

More Likely: We’ve always got loads to do and are in need of something to keep us focused and productive. The bike does both. 


Myth: We’re all good living health food junkies.

More Likely: We freaking love cake!!! Riding means we can eat with a little less guilt. 


Myth: We’re all danger loving nutters with a death wish. 

More likely: We love life and know that you’re way more likely to be in a fatal car accident than a fatal cycling accident. 

There's a few to get you started. Feel free to share yours.