How To Waterproof Your Bike (Sort Of)

Firstly we need to make a quick deal. Read on, if and only if, you promise me you’ll read all the way to the end. 

In order for this tip to be of maximum effect it’s a wise move to firstly follow our post on cleaning your bike

  • Once your bike has been well cleaned take an old clean rag/tea towel and give the bike a good dry down paying particular attention to the drive chain area of the bike. 
  • Now grab yourself a can of silicone spray and carefully apply to the drive chain area of your bike and to the underside of the frame especially around the bottom bracket area. 
  • You might find it easiest to turn your bike upside down first but that would be to break rule
  • Allow silicone spray to dry. 

This Silicone coating acts as a protective layer similar to how your Teflon frying pan works, meaning that dirt is unable to stick to the surface of your bike or it’s drive chain components. The method will be found wanting if you’re a hardcore mountain biker but for those of you either riding road bikes or simply commuting you should find it reduces your ongoing maintenance demands considerably. 

If you’re wondering exactly which spray to use then for the purists Muc-Off do an excellent silicone spray and for the rest of you my Dad’s top tip is that Dashboard Polish is better than all the rest!

Now, back to that deal we made! 


You might from time to time meet the occasional person who has tried this tip with disastrous effects, actually one particular disastrous effect, namely that they felt like there bike has suddenly transformed into something capable of making a sound comparable only to either a drowning cat or a bird in extreme pain. 


Because they’d got Silicone spray on either there rims or there brake blocks and that is a very, very bad idea! 

This technique is used by a whole host of the pro teams as it provides the kind of protection they need when spending hour after hour on the road and in the rain.