Look Good, Feel Great, Ride Like A Pro

This week we took receipt of our first ever Urban Cycles jerseys and we’re thrilled to bits with the final product. Now all we need to do is encourage you to share in the brilliance of this moment. So, without resorting to technical jargon (all of which can be found here) we thought we’d provide 5 reasons to dig deep and look amazing. 

1: Style doesn’t sacrifice sophistication

We knew we wanted a summer cycling jersey but we also knew we weren’t prepared to sacrifice our relentless focus on the overlap between beautiful style and the highest levels of technical functionality. The genius guys at V02 offered us the best of both worlds and boy did they deliver!! In an Urban Cycles jersey you’ll not only look great but you’ll also be riding in absolute comfort. 

2: Be there in the beginning

Everyone likes to bag a little bit of pride by claiming their place in the origins of a great story. So why not bag your place in the origins of the story about a company dedicated to helping people live well by making life easy. It’s a little like buying the first jar of Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough (only much better for you). While your friends pedal along adorning the logo’s of private health care and television companies you can take pride in something far far cooler. 

3: Cotton kills


It’s summer, it’s hot and we all perspire. Making sure you don’t overheat relies on wearing clothing which removes moisture from your skin. Your rather funky looking cotton t shirt with its enormous capacity to retain vast amounts of sweat right next to your skins means it has suddenly become a very bad idea. Wearing the right kit is the difference between arriving at your destination feeling fresh and prepared or feeling sweaty, sticky and like you desperately need a shower. 

4: Swap and change

While the quality and style of our jersey means you’ll look cool both on and off the saddle we appreciate that for some folks the idea of wearing any sort of cycling gear off the saddle is strictly forbidden. Which is why it’s great news that our jersey can be rolled to fit inside a kitchen roll tube (trust us we've tried!) meaning the possibility of a quick and simple change whenever you step out of the saddle. 

5:  False economy is false economy. 

Yes you could buy a cheaper jersey you could also buy several gallons of cheap washing up liquid but most of us just choose one bottle of the good stuff. V02 have worked hard to design and manufacture a jersey which will have you smiling for years to come. Buy today and smile for a very, very long time.

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NB: Free worlwide postage on all jersey's.