Cycling Is Good For Business

At the heart of Urban Cycles story there lies one very simple conviction; more people, cycling more often is good for business, not our business but the business of our partners and their investors. Our task is to make that possible.

Staff at E&Y enjoy a lunch time bike ride

Staff at E&Y enjoy a lunch time bike ride

Over the years we’ve been fortunate enough to work with many different partners all keen to invest in supporting more of their tenants/employees to cycle to and from their locations. Our partners have been as diverse and different to one another as independent coffee shops, global accountancy companies, large estates management teams and events organisers.  What each of these partners recognise is that revenue  spent on supporting cyclists is not to be understood as an expense but in fact represent an investment promising great returns.

Here's a few numbers to illustrate the above argument and the fundamental point that support for cycling boosts productivity and is thus good for business.

  • Excercise before work raises an employees productivity by an average of 15%.
  • According to a recent Sustrans report facilities supporting cyclists save the UK economy £13bn through reduced sick days and increased productivity.
  • Physically fit employees deliver an average of 27% fewer task errors. 
  • A UK Traffic Advisory Unit found that organisations that implemented cycling strategies recieved a return of between £1.33 and £6.50 for every £1 spent in support of cycling. 

Despite all of the above the truth is that investment in cycling and cyclists requires new innovation capable of captivating the imagination, meeting need and delivering a tangible return on investment. Cycle to Work Schemes, Bike Storage and even the provision of shower facilities all have a role to play but sould never be seen as the last word. 

It's for this reason we’ve consistently innovated to deliver exciting, unique and meaningful projects based on one simple question 'does it respond to a real need' or put another way, 'does it solve the problems of estates and business desiring to stand heads and shoulders above their competitor's.  This approach has enabled our partners to achieve the measurable results they desire.

The provision of our services may include: 

  • Supply and maintenance of company branded pool bikes
  • Provision of regular servicing days
  • 364 SOS break down cover
  • Lunch time and after work led rides
  • One to one employee coaching

You can read more about our sepcific offerings here

Once they’ve experienced the benefits of our approach our partners often tell us they wish they’d worked with us sooner. So here’s our response to a few questions and comments which might help to clarify your own thinking.

"Will Urban Cycles work outside of the Birmingham area?"

Yep! In recent years we’ve worked with companies, estates management teams and events organisers to deliver exciting work across the UK. 

"How do we know a partnership with Urban Cycles will deliver the change we need?"

While the general stats speak for themselves we'll provide each partner with an annual ROI report clearly illustrating the difference your investment has made. 

"Why the obsessive focus on cycling and cyclists? Is it just a fad?"

Spend any time in London and you'll soon see that commuting by bike is more than a fad it's the clear choice for thusands of professionals.

"But We already do lots to support cycling and cyclists."

Amazing news! Well done and keep it up! We never seek to duplicate the work of others but are confident that our unique approach brings significant added value. The breadth of services we're able to deliver under one agreement further eliminates endless administrative headaches. 

We're not funded by the government, Europe or any other external body meaning that a: you're agenda is the only one we're interested in serving and b: the results we deliver  are as iportant to us as they are to you.  

“We know what we need to achieve but we aren’t sure how to get there."

Great stuff! Let’s talk. Remember there are dozens of possibilities and what matters to us is that we’re able to identify what works for your specific location. The diversity of our previous partnerships means we’re well positioned to deliver your goals what ever they might be.  

If you’re looking for any of the above or would simply like to explore possibilities please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to help boost your bottom line.  

Here's a few of the companies/estates we've recently worked with.