Company Pool Bikes: Real Solutions To Real Problems

Over the last few years we’ve met an increasing number of people who work in ether HR or FM and who understand the benefits that derive from being perceived to host or run a cycle friendly company/location. 

These people understand that cycling boosts productivity so they’re keen to provide benefits which keep great people doing great things. 

These people understand that hours spent in traffic is not a good way for their assets to commence the day. 

These people understand that cycle friendly locations are healthy vibrant places where people want to work. 

Yet for may of the people we’ve met one question remains; ‘how?’ 

‘How do you create an environment which not only retains the talent of people who already cycle but enables more people to reap the benefits of transitioning from ‘not yet cyclist’ to ‘regular cyclist’. 

In my last post I talked about how our workplace servicing program is helping address the first of these questions with real tangible benefits designed to deliver results which are both outstanding and measurable. This leaves us contemplating the group I term ‘not yet’ cyclists in need of a real, practical, nudge something hassle free, non committal, desirable,  dead easy to access and even easier to feel the benefits of. That’s where our pool bikes program has really come into play.  

In recent months we’ve began conversations with some incredible employees wishing to solve the aforementioned problems by becoming host to a fleet of corporate pool bikes. In some instances that’s simply about hosting one or two bikes for a small team to make occasional use of. Think, trip across town from office to prospective clients or trip from one office to another for a short face to face meeting. In another case we’ll be commissioning over a dozen bikes each in their own secure unit together with helmets, lights, kickstand and high vis bands for a large company wanting to really invest in their employee well being. 

Regardless of size both projects begin with a similar question ‘how do we enable transition from ‘not yet’ to ‘maybe, occasional, possible cyclist?’ While my heart longs to see people tranisition from ‘not yet’ to ‘regular, long distance, every journey cyclists’ I’ve been convinced that sometimes less really is more.  

Our unique partnership with both Elephant Bike and World Bicycle Relief means that in addition to all of the above benefits pool bikes also support company’s in delivering on their CSR values. It’s dead simple. For every bike procured and serviced by ourselves we’ll send another straight to a school in Malawi.  What a simple but wonderful thing that is. 

So whether you’re keen to provide your people with a better way to travel to, from or between work pool bikes offer a number of real benefits with demonstrable added value. One final note of added value. Each bike and its respective storage can be uniquely branded to help raise awareness of your company’s brand and values. 

If you’d like to know more about pool bikes pleases don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to help you continue to deliver the best for your people because best is what we’re all about.