16 Cycling Resolutions For 2016

As one year draws to an end and another one beckons we thought we'd take a brief look at the kind of resolutions which might actually benefit your cycling and subsequently your life. 

Lube It Like You Care. 

A little often. Begin with a degrease, then use the appropriate lube and end wiping away any excess. It’s the single biggest thing you can do to keep your maintenance costs low. 

Ride Longer. 

Stuck in the rut of the same short rides day after day? Commit to one long ride a month. It'll transform your entire cycling experience. 


Fixate less on where you’re going, the technicalities of your bike and your latest Strava pb and more on simply enjoying the wonders of cycling. Breathe deep, lift your head long enough to appreciate the view and take time to enjoy the presence of others, they will in turn transform your ride. The rest will wait. 

Eat Well. 

Enough said! 

Be A Revolutionary

Help a friend, a stranger, a neighbour, a lover, an enemy, the guy at the water fountain, the girl across the office. It doesn’t matter who you help but just make sure you help someone transition from a ‘not yet cyclist’ to a ‘newbie cyclist’. It’s how revolutions are built!

Ride A Sportive

And if you’re not sure which one we’d recommend you check out Cycle Classics. Local routes inspired by classic races, brilliantly well run and always a lovely crowd of people. 

Prepare For All Things.

Become an all weather warrior. Prepare to keep cycling whatever the change of weather by aquiring both the kit and the mindset you’ll need. Remember 'skin is waterproof!'

Hold Your Local Authority Accountable. 

You pay your taxes they should do their job. There’s serious money out there for cycling infrastructure improvements (admittedly not as much as we'd like) now we need to make sure local authorities spend it and spend it wisely. 

Go A Different Way. 

If you routinely commute by bike try mixing things up with a different route, keeping your body active and your mind alert. The cars that normally hate you might actually miss you either way  you’ll recover more of the wonder of cycling. 

Pack a Bountiful Picnic For a Beautiful Field

Plan to attend Eroica Britannia, Britain's Best none Music Festival. If you own (or can borrow) a pre 1987 bike you can enter the ride but even if you don’t it's a great weekend. A real celebration of cycling history and culture in a truly beautiful location. 

Sleep Deep. 

It’s probably the most vital part of your physical recovery yet its too easily pushed out by the demands of an all too busy world. Listen to your body and give it the rest time it needs. In return you'll find yourself cycling harder, longer and faster than before. 

Lock It Well. 

Make 2016 the year you say goodbye to your crappy cable lock and hello to a good solid robust D lock. Goodbye thieves. Hello finding your bike just where you left it.

Shop Local. 

Wiggle and Chain Reaction might be good for a bargain but they’ll be useless when you need a hand with that tricky repair or just some good advice. They are also invisible and are thus the enemy of cycling culture. Supporting your local bike shop means you’ll always have a service you can rely on while fueling a visible cycling culture. 

Learn More.

Whether your puncture shy or tempted to try truing your wheels make this the year you embrace a little more learning. We'll be running maintenance classes in spring and autumn; watch this space. 

Be Kind To Yourself. 

Whether you’re fighting an injury an ignorant driver or a workplace lacking in proper cycling facilities don’t let those things get you down. You are amazing!! 

Stick to the plan!

So there's our 16 for 16. Feel free to share yours.