5 Reasons To Choose The Long Way Home

As spring continues to bless us with the goodness of blue skies and beautiful sunshine  our Facebook time line has been bombarded with your stories of the slight (or not so slight) detours to your homeward journey’s. If, however you are one of the few still riding the same route day in and day out here’s five reasons you might want to ditch the ordinary and join the detour revolution. 


1: Beauty is  much closer than you think

Battling through the wind and rain of winter means that for several months many of us  have been preoccupied with the simple desire to get from A to B in the shortest possible time. This often equates to dull grey routes through well ridden and equally well congested  city streets. Take only the most minor of detours and the odds are that whether it’s young goslings following their mother through your local park, native blue bells lining decades old  canal paths or the otherwise hidden sunset goodness and beauty much closer than we  often think. 


“To wander is to be alive.” 

                           Roman Payne, Europa: Limited Time Edition


2: Life is not a rush

A detour by its very description almost certainly isn’t your quickest way home but it might be a good means of reminding your inner self that the quick way is not always the best way. 


“It's a long ride home with nothing but me for company. I bore myself sometimes. Not often. Just now and again.”   

David Hewson, Macbeth


3: Variety is the spice of life

Ride the same route day after day and it’s easy to get bored. Get bored and it’s easy to forget what a wonderful thing cycling is. Forget what a wonderful thing cycling is and the love which was once contagious quickly disappears. When the love disappears don’t be surprised when no one else wants to join you. 


4: Life is not straight forward

Taking an detour gives you extra and alternative process time. Extra process time might just help you to work through that seemingly insurmountable problem. 


5: Because you can

Enough said.


These five are just for starters please feel free to share your reasons for taking the long route home.