22 Reasons #whyIride

Inspired by the #whyiride I thought I’d compile my own little list; in no particular order here goes:

1: I’m really bad at running for the train. 

2: I’m even worse at waiting for the bus. Patience is not my virtue. 

3: There’s a very warm feeling runs through my veins as I overtake a long line of single occupancy cars. 

4: Nothing beats a breeze at your face and the wind at your back, the other way round is just a temporary glitch. 

5: : It’s good for the butt and the world needs good butts. 

6: Process time is more important than doing time. Riding clears the mind, allows new thinking and leaves me ready for action. 

7: Life is too short for the wrong kind of heat and the wrong kind of leaves to delay things.  

8: Without it I fail to notice the small wonders of life. 

9: It’s me space and that’s an increasingly rare thing. 

10: I hate gym fees.

11: Walking is cool but just so damn slow

12: Running conjures up negative memories. I ran when I was young and it often involved blue lights.

13: Because I’m lazy

14: Peace it's pointless

15: Traveling with other people would require the ability to look interested in dull conversation. 

16: Travelling with other people and not conversing is worse than (14)

17: Parking your bike is soooooo much easier.

18: Petrol is waaaaaaaaay down the list of: ‘things I’d like to spend my hard earned cash on’

19: I like cake, especially Red Velvet, I can’t help it, I know I shouldn’t but I just do (chill out it’s not crack!!) 

20: n + 1 requires at least a little justification

21: Arriving hot sweaty and exhilarated is so much better than arriving hot, sweaty and frustrated. 

22: Because I like to smile! Actually scrap all of the above I just like to smile!