How (And Why) To Cycle When It's Cold

There is pleasure in persistance

Momentum is on our side. Stopping for the cold winter would only mean needing to entertain the pain of starting again come the spring. 

We’re Still Always On Time

The net effect of more folks running for their vehicles is that congestion invariably increases. Thankfully this has little impact on the cycling masses, meaning that while others are bearing the frustration of congestion you are already home and relaxing. 

Something Is Always Better Than Nothing

Riding less distance or less frequency than in the summer is largely coincidental, something is always better than nothing. 

Shades Are Not For Summer

A bright low sun means Oakley’s are an all year round necessity (some other brands are also acceptable). 

Other Folks Get Friendly

The great thing about riding when few others do is that those who have deserted their bikes in favour of other options are now holding cyclists in very high regard (if not a little misplaced sympathy). Bring on the endless offers of free coffee and a gentle shoulder rub! 

One Is Never Enough

Spoiling your favourite bike would not be wise, another bike is surely needed. 

You’re Less Likely To Get Ill

While we don’t experience the mild winters of the mediterranean nor do we experience the arctic chill of our Scandinavian neighbours. A simple ride to and from work offers a considerable boost to the immune system. 

Spikes Rock

Fitting spikes to your MTB when it snows is a whole lot easier and cheaper than fitting them to your Mondeo.

Pleasure Is An End Game

Being kinder to yourself is a necessity; turning Strava off and daring to actually enjoy the ride. 

Silicone Rocks

Spray it to the underside and exposed areas of your bike and you not only protect such areas from the weather but make the eventual clean a whole lot easier too. 

Less Is More

Lowering the pressure on bicycle tyres isn’t something we generally advise but come the winter months it’s a tip which offers increased traction and thus increased safety. 

You Have More Money For Beer (I obviously mean ‘gifts’)

While others spend their pay cheque on fuel and over priced parking you have the freedom to spend it on the things you love. 

You’re Actually Warmer Than Most

Dress correctly and you’re as snug as anyone in a car and infinitely warmer than those shivering souls waiting for the bus.

Having a slightly Cold Slightly Damp Nose Is Very Attractive In Some Cultures

Admittedly we're not exactly sure where, but hey let's not get picky it's Christmas! 

There’s No Need To Join The January Gym Crush

We don’t wake up on January 1st feeling like you’ve a large amount of Christmas indulgence to shift. 

Merino Is Divine

Keeping the extremities snug is something of an art and Merino is almost always the answer. 

Dehydration Is Harder To Spot

In the summer months dehydration is expected and thus prevented.  In the winter it’s important to consume just as much fluids and not to wait until the thirst sensation kicks in. 

Feeling Cold Air Fill Warm Lungs Is A Great Reminder That You Are Alive

And you intend to live accordingly!