18 Reasons To Get Cycling This Spring

It’ll Save You Money

If you’re new to cycling the cost of a new bike, lock, helmet, lubricant and lights might leave you wondering why anyone would seriously contemplate such expenditure. Surely sticking to the bus/train/car is a more prudent option? Well, not quite. 

The Cycle To Work Calculator is a great tool designed to help you calculate what you’ll save. The calculator does not however factor in either your improved efficiency or the positive impact on your both your mental and physical health both of which have a real and significant monetary value. 

If the cost of cycling into spring still has you wincing remember the the CycleScheme means no upfront payment and no tax. What’s not to love! 

It’ll Save Them Money

Cycling to work won’t only save you money but you’ll also be doing your bit for national debt. Economists calculate that the average cyclist makes a £383 contribution to the national economy per anum and that increasing the numbers of regular cyclists by 20% over ten years could save £107m in reducing premature deaths, £52m in NHS costs and £87m in fewer sick days. 

Because Incremental Change Is Always Better Than No Change

Loose the guilt and enjoy cycling where you can when you can. Set yourself weekly goals to increase both time and distance. Be kind to yourself and focus on the good you have done what is left undone will be done another day. 

You’ll Be Smiling

Stuck in a dull office with nothing but artificial lighting? Then you won’t need me to tell you it’s eroding your mental health and leaving lots of people seriously depressed. Cycling more equals increased exposure to sun light and that sun light has an incredible ability to boost the serotonin hormone which is what leaves you feeling happy.

Folding Bikes Enable A Mixed Economy

For those bemoaning the impossibility of a long and complex route how about refocusing on the wonders of a mixed economy. Why should the car have some sort of unilateral veto. The folding bike means you can cycle to and from the train station making all things reasonable. 

You’ll Beat The Gym Que

Once you’ve begun your cycling life you’ll soon observe a certain irony as your non colleagues constantly object to ever increased gym fees while spending day after day sat in traffick. 

It’s Better and Easier Than You Think

Traveling to work by car or bus can leave your thoughts trapped in believing there is only ever one possible route and that paticular route leaves you concluding that cycling to work would be a reckless option. 

Step back.

There are almost certainly a huge array of alternative routes many of which will include off route cycle lanes, canals and minor roads. A little careful planning will soon leave you with an infinitely more pleasant journey and a whole new way to experience your city. 

Spring Is Perfect

Gone is the coldness of winter yet the warmth of summer is not yet upon us. The natural spring climate makes Spring a great time to get cycling more. 

You’ll Sleep Better

A Stamford University study took a group of insomniacs and exposed them to 20-30 minutes of cycling every day. The result? It reduced the time needed to fall asleep by 50% and the length of sleep increased by an hour. 

 “This helps get your circadian rhythm back in sync and rids your body of cortisol, the stress hormone that can prevent deep, regenerative sleep.”

                    Jim Horne from Loughborough University’s Sleep Research Centre.

You’ll Be Gaining A Firm Derriere

Stop pretending you don’t care, we know you do. The more you cycle the firmer your buttocks will become. Admittedly this might be of more interest to your partner than yourself. 

You’ll Gift Yourself Thinking Time

There is a strange paradox that while cycling demands your absolute attention it also frees your mind, giving you the time and space to think through difficult problems while developing new solutions. Feeling stuck, get on your bike! 

You’ll Actually Save Time

If your rush hour commute involves traveling through a major urban conurbation then we’re confident that once you get cycling you’ll soon be saving time. I cycle because I don't have the patience to sit in traffic. 

The Mind Will Notice More

Cycling has a strange way of opening the mind to it’s surroundings, suddenly noticing the cat on the gate post, the old man on the bench or the milk bottles on the step. That’s not because you’re traveling any slower it’s because you’re nurturing a more alert mind and an alert mind will soon be reaping a whole set of benefits. 

There's A Party And You're Invited

As a new cyclist you’ll be part of an ever growing number of people choosing to travel by bike. They’re a friendly crowd and you’ll soon be overwhelmed by encouragement and support. Knowing you’re part of the winning side is a very good feeling. 

Because Doing Your Bit Matters

With air pollution in a number of UK cities now recognised as amongst the worst in the world there’s a certain peace which derives from knowing you’re doing your bit to turn the tide and return to a cleaner greener way of being. 

It’s Good For Your Sex Life

While the scare mongering press would have you believe that the pressure of that saddle can only be bad for your sex life science suggests that quite the reverse is true. The rise in blood oxygen levels resulting from physical activity produces feelings of intense well being and increased sexual vitality. 

Bikes Are As Beautiful As You Are

Gone are the days when riding a bike meant straddling a bland steel frame designed only for the least aesthetically concerned man in the world. Whether it’s a beautiful road bike or a stunning city ride there’s a bke out their for every beautiful soul. SHOP NOW

Parking Is Never A Problem

No explanation required other than to say, ‘get a good lock!!’