18 FOR 2018

18 Cycling Moments I’m (not) looking forward to: 

1: STRAVA data beginning to shape and influence way more than we currently imagine possible. 

2: Mad March Hare kicking some ass; because they know how it should be done.  

3: Birmingham finally getting some decent cycling infrastructure. 

4: Bad Sportives going to the wall and not before time! Why did we part with our money for such nonsense for sooooo long!??

5: SPIN London gets new management and a crap event becomes a quality event. 

6: Eroica. . . . . . sun, field, bike, beer. 

7: NEC Bike Show being just as boring as every other year.

8: Kickstarter campaigns solving problems I am utterly unaware I have. 

9: Continued growth of diversity in the cycling demographic.

10: Disc, disc, disc, disc and more disc brakes.

11: Mad Summer Hare not feeling like autumn. 

12: ‘E’ Road bikes and ‘E’ MTB becoming a ‘thing’; and NO, I don’t bloody approve! 

13: Wiggle/Chain Reaction recording huge losses but continuing to trade regardless.

14: Improved cycle parking facilities where we actually need them. 

15: Bespoked being. . . . .great. Because Bespoked is always great. 

16: Politicians acting like politicians (don’t expect them to 'get it' just ask them to 'get out of the way'!) 

17: Cyclocross becoming the new golf. It feels tragically inevitable. Blokes at board meetings comparing broken collar bones and all that jazz. 

18: A huge hike in the price of bike locks. . . . .don’t say you weren’t warned!

That's ours. Feel free to leave us yours. . . .